Tube UK Ltd receives lifeline grant from Government’s £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund

Tube UK Ltd is one of 1,385 cultural and creative organisations across the country receiving urgently needed support. £257 million of investment has been announced as part of the very first round of the Culture Recovery Fund grants programme being administered by Arts Council England.

The funding will ensure that Tube UK is able to continue functioning into the first half of 2021 and be able to continue its work with the Creative Arts and Music Industry once COVID-19 restrictions are eased or lifted.

Chair, Arts Council England, Sir Nicholas Serota, said:

“Theatres, museums, galleries, dance companies and music venues bring joy to people and life to our cities, towns and villages. This life-changing funding will save thousands of cultural spaces loved by local communities and international audiences. Further funding is still to be announced and we are working hard to support our sector during these challenging times.”

Managing Director, Melvyn Coote said “The current pandemic has presented enormous problems for the creative arts, events and music industry and we were in danger of having to close down our operation. With this funding we now have a chance to get through to the other side, when we hope to re-start our services to the UK creative sector once again”