Hello Green Go!


tube have welcomed Green Go Digital Communications equipment to Hire Stock.

We are excited to announce the arrival of Green Go Digital equipment to our ever increasing rental inventory.


If you would like to hire a green go system please get in touch

Green GO is a cost-effective, multi-award winning, digital intercom over Ethernet, that uses a unique design concept to create complex communication systems suitable for major live events, multi-function performance venues, churches, high-end rental facilities and broadcasters. It is also suitable for building simple, expandable, systems for projects with less stringent technical requirements or tighter budgets. With this system, Green-Go have produced the first affordable way to enter the world of digital intercoms, with its many benefits.

Green GO differs fundamentally from other current intercom designs which use a central matrix or routing-engine at their core. Instead, each outstation holds all routing data, system set-up and user preferences. Operating without a central matrix eliminates the possibility of a catastrophic single component failure. In the event of a problem, a faulty device can be easily removed and its replacement can clone all system configurations from a neighbouring device on introduction to the network. The system is designed to operate on any 100Mbit Ethernet network without interfering with other data protocols co-existing on the system and will perform seamlessly, even when data traffic-levels are high.